Police Auctions

People looking to pick up bargains could do well to consider police auctions as an option. These auctions are run kind of like regular auctions but all products and goods that are put in the catalogue to be auctioned off will have come from the stores of a specific police force. Most forces will run these auctions on a regular or periodic basis either on their own behalf or via an auction house that manages the process for them.

Police auctions are composed of various goods. Police forces basically have to look to sell stuff that ends up stored with them as they don’t have room to store it forever and it makes more sense to get some money for it. So, the goods on offer at a police auction may include:

Police auctions are worth visiting on the off chance just to see the many different items that can turn up. There are no guarantees what will appear in any given auction at any given time but there are certain items that turn up again and again.

Many people will, for example, use police auctions to buy bikes. People lose bikes and they are regularly stolen but they are not all reunited with their owners. Electronics items and computers are also popular here as are clothes and jewellery. It’s also not unusual for a police auction to sell vehicles on a regular basis as well.

Specialist police auctions may also be an option worth looking at. These are often set up to sell on police vehicles themselves that have been commissioned out of service. Police cars may not have that many miles on the clock for their age as they are replaced fairly frequently so it is possible to pick up a good bargain here.

People who are thinking of buying from police auctions are recommended to check over any items that they want to buy before they start bidding on them. Many items in this kind of auction will be new but some will obviously be second hand and may need a check before you buy them.